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Tomato Base Topped With Cheese.  

Garlic Butter Base Topped With Cheese.  

Ham & pineapple

Ham & mushroom

Ham, pepperoni, smoky sausage & spicy pork

Extra pepperoni & extra cheese

Mushrooms, mixed peppers, onions & sweetcorn

Chargrilled Chicken, Bacon, Onions & BBQ pizza sauce

Pepperoni, ham, spicy pork, sweetcorn, onions, mushrooms & green peppers

Chicken tikka, green chillies, onions & fresh coriander

Mixed peppers, onions, sweetcorn, jalapenos & chilli powder

Smoky sausage, BBQ Chicken, onions, sweetcorn & BBQ sauce

Spicy pork, onions, jalapeno peppers, red peppers & chilli powder

Chargrilled chicken, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers & onions

Spicy Chicken, Chilli Beef, Red Onion, Chilli Powder & Chilli Sauce

Pepperoni, Spicy Pork, Chorizo, Chilli Beef & Chargrilled Chicken

Half & Half  

Create your own with upto 4 toppings